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Easter Special

In AD 64, when Emperor Nero is persecuting Christians and setting fire to Rome, will The Storykeepers be able to keep the story and stories of Jesus alive? Will The Storykeepers manage to stay alive? Can anyone be trusted?

The Easter Storykeepers is a story of friends who can’t be relied on, enemies pretending to be friends, and a Roman enemy who finally becomes a friend when Ben and his orphans help him to understand what The Storykeepers are telling him about Jesus.

After Tacticus, Nero’s leading guard, tells Nero that he is a Christian, Nero, with the help of the evil Nihilus, decides to burn all the Christians out of Rome. Things get too hot to handle for Ben and Helena, Zakkai, Justin, Marcus, Anna and Cyrus.

Helena, Cyrus, Justin and Marcus manage to escape Nihilus’s attempts to burn them out of the bakery, but it leads to Ben, Justin and Marcus getting arrested in the catacombs under the city. Once in prison, Ben, Justin and Marcus meet Capella, one of the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus. What unfolds from this unique meeting is the story of Easter. From Judas’ betrayal through to Jesus re-appearing in the garden, the Easter story carefully unfolds. Meanwhile, in parallel with the Easter story, Ben too is threatened with crucifixion.

In a film of high action and drama, trust and mistrust, denial and recognition, and family love, once again The Storykeepers confront the evil Nero and Nihilus while trying to keep the story of Jesus alive.

The Storykeepers never deny Jesus, even under the threat of death, but the big question is, ‘Will all the gang escape? And where will they go?’


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The Stories

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    Raging Waters

  • example3

    Catacomb Rescue

  • example4

    Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  • example5

    Sink or Swim

  • example6

    Roar in the Night

  • example7


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  • example9

    Tricked by a Traitor

  • example10

    Tried and True

  • example11

    Caught at the Crossroads

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    Christmas Special

  • exampleChristmas

    Easter Special


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"The characters confound traditional stereotypes. In the mean time; Jesus runs the risk of a cult following" Church Times

"Should fill a great need. We receive countless requests for such programmes." Archbishop J.P. Foley, Vatican.