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Christmas Special

The Christmas Storykeepers is about journeys and miracles.  The Journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and the miracle of the birth of Jesus unfolds though the journey The Storykeepers are forced to make.

From the burnt out streets of Rome and the terror of the evil Emperor Nero, to the burning sands of Africa, The Storykeepers carry the story of Jesus’ birth and life to the whole world.

Ben and Helena, Zak and their “family” of orphans continue their Storykeeping life and fight for survival as the miracle of Christmas unfolds.

But it would not be The Storykeepers if there was not an adventure or three along
the way.

While Nero sets Rome on fire, The Storykeepers rescue two lion cubs and their mother; organize a daring escape; cross the sea from Ostia to Shemhadar; run out of water in the desert; run into the ever evil Nihilus and yet still manage to come out singing.

In a seventy minute feature film with songs, sadness, stories and the Christmas story for the whole family, The Christmas Storykeepers is as timeless as the nativity story itself.  This is Christmas as you have never seen it before.


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The Stories

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    Raging Waters

  • example3

    Catacomb Rescue

  • example4

    Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  • example5

    Sink or Swim

  • example6

    Roar in the Night

  • example7


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  • example9

    Tricked by a Traitor

  • example10

    Tried and True

  • example11

    Caught at the Crossroads

  • example12

    Christmas Special

  • exampleChristmas

    Easter Special


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"The characters confound traditional stereotypes. In the mean time; Jesus runs the risk of a cult following" Church Times

"Should fill a great need. We receive countless requests for such programmes." Archbishop J.P. Foley, Vatican.