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Episode 1 : Breakout!
Ben the Baker rescues a young juggler from the Roman Coliseum and tells the stories of the Feeding of Five Thousand, Zacchaeus and the Raising of Jairus’ daughter. read more.
Episode 2 : Raging Waters!
The star of this episode is Zakkai, the courageous impetuous young Zealot who offers to take a written story across the city via the aqueducts to a group… read more.
Episode 3 : Catacomb Rescue
An aging teller, a friend of Ben from Israel, comes to tell the children the story of the Good Samaritan. Later, chased by 2 centurions, Tacticus and the evil… read more.
Episode 4 : Ready, Aim, FIRE!
Another escape, this time of a group of Christians led by Zak’s uncle, a leader in the anti-Roman Zealot movement in Israel, from a sector set fire by… read more.
Episode 5 : Sink or Swim
Told against the backcloth of the escape of a young Christian family with a young child from Nero’s guards, this episode tells the traditional Christmas… read more.
Episode 6 : Starlight Escape
An escaping Christian slave leads Ben and the children to a Roman slave ship where, after adventures on the high seas, Ben and his group rescue and release the slaves on 2 ships… read more.
Episode 7 : Roar in the Night
Two lion cubs escaping from the dockside are befriended by 4 year old Marcus. On route to the Circus Maximus to join their mother, who along with other… read more.
Episode 8 : Captured
More rescues and escapes as Ben and the children smuggle out a group of Christian women, recaptured from Nero’s prisons, and take them across and out of… read more.
Episode 9 : Trapped!
Things are hotting up for Ben and his underground team as the noose begins to tighten around their activities. Danger is in the air as Ben decides to… read more.
Episode 10 : Tricked by a Traitor
Betrayal: One of Ben’s close friends, at first unwittingly, but for the best intentions, betrays Ben to the authorities. Panic is only narrowly averted by… read more.
Episode 11 : Tried and True
Ben is on trial reliving the experiences of Paul and above all Jesus whose arrest in Gethsemene, his betrayal by Peter, and his first trial are told. read more.
Episode 12 : Caught at the Crossroads
Nothing is heard of Ben. The children give up hope. Their protector is gone. All seems lost. The stories of the trial before Pilate, and the scourging… read more.
Episode 13 : To the Ends of the Earth
Ben escapes to lead the children to their final escape and safety as we hear the stories of the resurrection, ascension and of Pentecost in this final… read more.

The Stories

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  • example1


  • example2

    Raging Waters

  • example3

    Catacomb Rescue

  • example4

    Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  • example5

    Sink or Swim

  • example6

    Roar in the Night

  • example7


  • example8


  • example9

    Tricked by a Traitor

  • example10

    Tried and True

  • example11

    Caught at the Crossroads

  • example12

    Christmas Special

  • exampleChristmas

    Easter Special


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"The characters confound traditional stereotypes. In the mean time; Jesus runs the risk of a cult following" Church Times

"Should fill a great need. We receive countless requests for such programmes." Archbishop J.P. Foley, Vatican.