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Too young to be taken seriously by adults and too old not to mind, Justin (12) is on the cusp of adolescence, always trying to prove himself as a man. Of course it’s hard to prove yourself when one is stuck guarding one’s baby brother. Orphaned (at least for now) by the recent fire that consumed most of Rome, Justin has found the transition to Ben and Helena’s household problematic. While he loves them and he is grateful for their welcome, he knows they’ll never replace his real parents, a fact that Marcus seems to be forgetting. For both of their sakes, he must keep alive some hope that he and Marcus will one day reunite with their real parents.

Protective, competitive and sometimes bossy, Justin sees himself as a leader, but he has a tendency to step into shoes that are too big and make himself look foolish. All of this however is balanced by a good heart and a sense of compassion which, living briefly on the street, gave him plenty of real-life examples to learn from.

The Stories

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    Raging Waters

  • example3

    Catacomb Rescue

  • example4

    Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  • example5

    Sink or Swim

  • example6

    Roar in the Night

  • example7


  • example8


  • example9

    Tricked by a Traitor

  • example10

    Tried and True

  • example11

    Caught at the Crossroads

  • example12

    Christmas Special

  • exampleChristmas

    Easter Special


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"The characters confound traditional stereotypes. In the mean time; Jesus runs the risk of a cult following" Church Times

"Should fill a great need. We receive countless requests for such programmes." Archbishop J.P. Foley, Vatican.