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Rotund, jolly and very outgoing, Ben (37) is everybody’s favourite baker. He is the one everybody likes, because he likes everybody; he likes baking for them, he likes telling them jokes, he likes helping them with their problems, and he especially likes telling them “The Story”.

The son of a Jewish Baker from Galilee, Ben was just a boy when Jesus lived and preached on Earth. Having actually seen and heard Jesus, Ben is possessed of a fervour for his task as a “Teller” that few can match. He was shipped to Rome by the Roman Army because they just couldn’t get enough of his bread. Little did they know that in bringing him to Rome, they were importing a chief organiser in the Christian Underground. Fugitive Christians, runaway slaves, men, women, boys and girls have all been smuggled through Ben’s bakery and come under his secret care … all right under the Roman Army’s nose.

Passionate and determined, with a strong sense of right and wrong, he is also jovial and a touch absent-minded. Though always ready for an adventure, or anything that will help pass on the Story, Ben is no all-powerful super hero. He has a special fondness for children, and loves to spoil them – much to his wife’s dismay. And while he is gregarious and occasionally long-winded, Ben is not a clown or buffoon; he’s merely full of life.

The Stories

  • exampleIntro


  • example1


  • example2

    Raging Waters

  • example3

    Catacomb Rescue

  • example4

    Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  • example5

    Sink or Swim

  • example6

    Roar in the Night

  • example7


  • example8


  • example9

    Tricked by a Traitor

  • example10

    Tried and True

  • example11

    Caught at the Crossroads

  • example12

    Christmas Special

  • exampleChristmas

    Easter Special


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"The characters confound traditional stereotypes. In the mean time; Jesus runs the risk of a cult following" Church Times

"Should fill a great need. We receive countless requests for such programmes." Archbishop J.P. Foley, Vatican.